Good Practices




  • The International Association for Court Administration – IACA, has among its objectives the development and dissemination of  good practices in the administration of the Courts. For this reason IACA will share the good practices created around the world available on our web site. 
  • Only working professionals members of IACA can participate in this initiative, by sending reports on their good experiences, individually or in groups of up to three people. Legal entities cannot participate. Papers must be written and submitted in English. 
  • IACA members interested in sharing their good practices on the IACA site must send the submission to email “ [email protected]“. The submission must be provided in PDF file in the following format:


Maximum length: 5 pages

Font: Arial 12

Line Spacing: 1,5

Name of author






Name of the report:

Date of implementation:

Criteria: originality, practicality, creativity, contribution to the efficiency of Justice:

Results: objectives of the practice and how many people have benefited from it:


  • The reports will be evaluated by a Committee of three specialists in Court Administration, appointed by the IACA Board, that will have a term of 2 years. 
  • The President-Elect of IACA will be the president of the committee and will receive the articles and forward them to the other members. Each report will be evaluated by two of the members, a rapporteur and a reviewer. In the event of different opinions, the President Elect will be the third examiner. 
  • If the paper is approved, it will be sent to the administration of IACA and included in the site. 
  • Possible  questions will be decided by the board of IACA.