IJCA Editorial Policy

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Editorial Policy and Procedures for Submission of Manuscripts

The International Journal for Court Administration invites submission of articles and notes likely to be of interest to a wide range of persons interested in the field of court administration including judges, court administrators and clerks of court, researchers, teachers, consultants, government officials who have justice system responsibilities, and foundations and other funding bodies that provide funds for court system improvement in their own countries and internationally. The Journal is particularly interested in manuscripts that (i) address key issues in how to improve court adjudication processes on international, national and local levels, and (ii) are based on documented empirical research, practitioners’ experiences, and theoretical perspectives grounded in scholarly analyses. The Journal's editors encourage comparative reviews and analyses of varying practical and procedural approaches to the management of courts and justice systems. Short articles and notes that describe policy and management innovations or analyze significant advances or setbacks in specific judicial systems will also be considered for publication, as will book reviews of relevant books.

The Journal is published in English, but its focus is international. It seeks to foster the exchange of information and ideas about court management policy and practice across national boundaries, and thereby contribute to improving the overall administration of justice. It is intended to be a practical resource for justice system professionals interested in learning about and applying new and innovative practices in court and justice system administration and management, in common law, continental or civil law, and other categories of legal systems.

Submissions should be made electronically, in English. Submit on the IACA Journal website, https://www.iacajournal.org/, using the "Start Submission" button in the top right hand corner of the page. 

The broad aim of the Journal is to advance knowledge about ways in which courts throughout the world function and ways in which their organization and operations can be improved. The Journal’s central focus is on how effective leadership, sound procedures, and effective court management can help to improve the accessibility, quality, and timeliness of justice. Topical areas appropriate for consideration by the editors include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Case management, trial management, and case-flow management; case processing generally
  • Court and justice system governance
  • Quality management in judicial systems
  • Relationships of courts with communities and the public, including provision of information.
  • Dispute resolution practices
  • Access to justice
  • Internal controls/transparency in courts
  • Ethics in courts and public prosecution agencies; codes of conduct; and their enforcement in relation to judicial and non-judicial officers
  • Judicial independence and accountability
  • Court system funding, budgeting, and resource utilization
  • Education and training for judges and non-judicial court system personnel
  • Human resources management for judges and court staff
  • Uses of information and communication technology to improve courts and justice systems

Submitted manuscripts are evaluated anonymously by carefully vetted reviewers (scholars and  practitioners).

The author’s name, institutional affiliation, e-mail address, and any acknowledgements should be shown on the cover page of the manuscript.

Text revisions recommended by the reviewers or editors will take place in consultation with the authors.

Open Access
The International Journal of Court Administration is published electronically twice a year by the International Association for Court Management, on the IACA website.

The International Journal of Court Administration gives free access to the content at the journal within the IACA website, in particular to PDFs of all articles.

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The contents of the International Journal for Court Administration are protected by copyright. Copyrighted information on the Journal pages of this website is provided solely for personal use in the field of justice and court administration. Permission for reprints or electronic format by other publishers must be obtained in advance and in writing from the editora of IJCA.

The International Journal for Court Adminsitration applies the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (CC-by) to all articles that are published in IJCA. (read the human-readable summary or the full license legal code). Under the CC-by, authors retain ownership of the copyright for their article, but authors allow anyone unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

No permission is required from the authors or the publishers.

Suggestions on editorial policy

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